Kristen is Alive

It only takes a little faith...

It only takes a little faith…

"It only takes a little faith to move a mountain." Even If - Mercy Me Jesus spoke of having childlike faith... but what is it? We saw an example of ...
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The Faith of a Child!

We need the faith of a child... if we want to know God's heart. This young boy sums up our experience with God as we pressed deeper into His grace ...
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Jesus is all you need!

This is a beautiful (original) song by Hillary Hendricks. As you listen to the song, you will hear the longing in her voice as she cries out for all to ...
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the greatest story ever told

The Greatest Story… Isn’t finished!

God's story continues as we live out our faith beyond the pages of His Word! There is power and purpose in the story that God is writing in and through ...
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day one life

The best of your life!

No matter what happened yesterday, you can choose to draw closer to God today—and it can be day one of the best of your life. Your past struggles do not ...
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Heart on Fire

Bored with God?

Do you feel bored regarding your relationship with God? I believe that if we are honest, we have all experienced a time when our passion and excitement for God has ...
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Beyond the Surface

Beyond the Surface!

The most significant things often lie beyond the surface. We must press in deeper to discover the fullness of their potential. The same is true with God's Word. We may ...
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What's your story?

What’s your Story?

Jesus is the author and perfecter of our story? When we seek God with all our heart; when we seek His intimacy as our Father, we can look forward to each ...
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Intimacy with God

Peace with God!

Our peace comes through an intimate relationship with God... There is peace in the midst of the storm that rises above the difficulty of our circumstances. In that place, at that ...
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Faith that Overcomes

Faith that overcomes!

Our faith overcomes the world... For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world-our faith. Who is it ...
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Everyday Lighthouse

Every Day!

Every day is a new opportunity to experience God's grace and to share it with others. Every day, come what may, Our words can hurt or heal. Every day​, the ...
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Because She Believed - Cover_5_sm

Kristen’s Heavenly Birthday Pt. 2

The video is Paul sharing about God's grace and mercy in their lives through trials and triumphs. The Huffman's shared at Berea Baptist Church on May 28th, 2017 (The anniversary ...
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