God will make a way…

We shared the music video “Chain Breaker” a few days ago. My favorite line of the song is “He’s a way maker!” It reminds me of the first time I was asked to share my testimony in public. The following is what the Lord gave me to share.

“God Will Make a Way”

My heart was filled with anger
and my mind with foolish pride.

Self-assured to those around me
while lost and lonely inside.

But my life was changed forever
on that cold November day.

With my body burned and broken
I looked to heaven and prayed.

The journey was not over
it had only just begun.

Six years of running later
my race for life was won.

I thought I ran alone
but God was with me all the way.

Through the lives of His children
As they shine His light each day.

When life’s troubles surround you
and there seems to be no end.

Remember, His Spirit is still with us
He’s our everlasting friend.

He cares for our tomorrow
our today and yesterday.

We can’t see him as He’s working
but He will make a way.