Easter: “The cost of God’s love!”

As we reflect on the life and sacrifice of our Lord and celebrate His resurrection and victory over death, let us not overlook the great love and sacrifice of the Father.

On Easter Sunday 2016, Julie, the girls, and I gathered to watch “The Passion” musical, hosted by Tyler Perry. As it started, I asked God to see His heart. He answered, “Would you see sin differently if it were your child that had to die for sin?” At that moment, I saw a vision of my daughter, Kristen, looking back at us as she walked away with Jesus. My spirit knew God was sharing a glimpse into His foreknowledge in answer to my prayer.

I believe He shared this vision so I could better understand His heart regarding the loss He experienced when Jesus died for our sin. He was allowing me a taste of the struggle between sin and grace. For the first time, I was able to begin to grasp the cost of our sin to the Father. It had always been difficult for me to understand His sacrifice… After all, He is God! I realized I had settled for a partial understanding of His story. God reminded me that He created us in His image and the love we feel for our children is an imperfect reflection of the perfect love He has for His Son and for us.

My heart was broken at the thought of His sacrifice as a Father… And it remains broken today!