“You are always on His mind”

On August 5th, 2018, we shared with you the vision that God had given Paul on Easter Sunday, exactly two months before Kristen went to heaven. The following is the vision God shared with him the morning after she left. It was a vision of Kristen sitting at the feet of Jesus enjoying the fruit of her faith… the presence of her King.

“You are always on His mind”

Not a single day goes by
Not even one moment in time

That God is not there with you
That you aren’t on His mind

Each thought that you have pondered
Every tear that you have cried

He has always been there with you
He has never left your side

How hard it was for the Him
To see His Son up on that cross

But His love for you compelled Him
And He chose to pay the cost

The price that He paid for you
You may never understand

It was no afterthought that saved you
You were always in His plan

God chose to have you with Him
He made your way to eternity

He sent His Spirit to guide you
And gave His Son to set you free

Kristen sitting with Jesus