Easter: “The Hope of God’s love!”

Easter took on a deeper meaning for us in 2016!

On Easter Sunday 2016, I asked God to see His heart regarding the loss of his son. He answered, “Would you see sin differently if it were your child that had to die for sin?” At that moment, I saw a vision of my daughter, Kristen, looking back at us as she walked away with Jesus. Exactly two months later, she was hit by a car while crossing the street as she was leaving a nearby festival. She went home with Jesus early the next morning.

These words came to mind a while back as I thought about God’s love and his sacrifice for our future. Our hope rests on the death and resurrection of Jesus, God’s son!

The shadow of the pain
slowly fades away
But the love that created it
burns brighter with each day

The loss is only temporary
It will one day be restored
When Jesus returns to claim us
And we all will be reborn

God’s kingdom will not fade
Or suffer any loss
He guaranteed our eternity
He paid such a heavy cost

He sent His Son to free us
From the chains of sin and death
His love for us was proven
When Jesus gave His last breath

We can believe or doubt
The truth of His resolve
But the love He has offered
Is a mystery we can’t solve

He sent His Son to suffer
And to die for our sin
He sent His son to save us
To give new life in Him

When the pain of loss is heavy
And our strength is at an end
His love will be our comfort
Through it our soul can mend

His Word will be our compass
It shines forth clear and bright
Let it be the light that guides us
through the long and weary night

His Word provides a promise
To love us without end
His Spirit is our comfort
Until we see you again