Peace in the Valley!

When you’re traveling through the valley
And fear calls out your name

Will your heart lose all its courage
Will your faith wilt from the pain

Life’s full of peaks and valleys
Some days cloudy and some days fair

But true joy comes from the Father
It lifts us out of our despair

Faith is more than believing
It’s more than a prayer we say

It stands firm against the darkness
And gives hope to light our way

We’re no longer wandering children
Tossed about by the words of men

We have a Father over all creation
Who washed us clean from all our sin

His love is without measure
More pure than our thoughts discern

His Son, He gave to free us
From the bondage that held us firm

So don’t fear your time in the valley
You’ll never walk through the trial alone

Your Father is always with you
His Spirit will guide you home

Peace in the valley

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