“Lost Moments”

Last night (Friday night) was the first time I have dreamed of Kristen since she went home to heaven (May 2016). I have had sweet visions of her walking with Jesus but no dreams. Last night, I dreamed I was walking up behind her as she looked out the window of Uncle Shane’s cabin. Just as I started to hug her, she faded away and I woke up. I felt a sense of peace that she was with her Jesus and that one day we would be reunited. I also felt the regret of a father who knows he wasted many opportunities to be with his family… to just be present in the small moments of life.

“Lost Moments”

I’m longing for lost moments
That I missed at such a cost

Each time I was too busy
Was a moment that was lost

Our lives on Earth are fleeting
One day here, the next day gone

We pass from flesh to memory
And the world continues on

Each moment is a gift God’s given
Ours to share or ours to waste

But we often just let them pass
As we continue on in our haste

Let us cherish the days He’s given
Be a good steward with each one

And know our lives were well spent
When our time on Earth is done

Kristen with daddy