BSB Book Excerpts – Ch. 9-12

Because She Believed - Cover_5_sm

(Paperback – 1st ed.)

I could imagine us all walking together with Jesus in the middle—Kristen in heaven holding His one hand and we here on earth holding His other.
(Page: 108)

I had lain down to rest my weary body, but God renewed my weary soul. He is our center. We all converge in Him. Kristen is still with us because we are with Him.
(Page: 110)

There was no better way to honor her life than to let it be her witness to the world of a faith that overcomes…even death.
(Page: 113)

That Easter evening, as Julie, Kristen, Grace, and I gathered to watch the recording of The Passion musical, my heart ached to see beyond the surface and into the depths of God’s grace.
(Page: 118)

I can ask Him for nothing of greater value than that which He has already given…Himself, through His Son and His Spirit!
(Page: 119)

His grace was sufficient for the trial that He knew was coming, the trial He gently guided me through so I could see His heart as a father.
(Page: 120)

The beautiful thing about walking with God is that we never have to worry about where we are going. We draw close to Him and listen as His Spirit guides us.
(Page: 121)

There is no shortcut to knowing the will of the Father.
(Page: 122)

I was standing at the edge of the cliff, looking out over the mist. I could not see beyond the edge when He said, “Come! Trust me!”
(Page: 123)

God honored my Easter prayer, giving me a glimpse of His heart and a taste of His foreknowledge.
(Page: 125)

We never know the impact our lives will have on others, even after we have gone on to be with the Lord. That is the most beautiful part of Kristen’s story.
(Page: 130)

So in context, a smaller trial may feel very similar to a larger trial because God gives us what is needed for each.
(Page: 132)

If you do not believe God still speaks to us, then why don’t you?
(Page: 133)

God’s grace is so far beyond the expectations of His children that we are often incredulous when we see it in action.
(Page: 134)

Throughout His Word, God calls us His “beloved.” That is the context of His intimacy. Please don’t settle for a shadow and miss out on His fullness.
(Page: 135)

Can you imagine yourself saying: “Who is this Jesus? Nothing good comes out of Nazareth”; or “Isn’t that Paul, the persecutor of the church? He can’t be used of God”;
(Page: 137)

When did the switch happen? When was the counterfeit crowned as king?  Was it a sleight of hand or sleight of heart?
(Page: 139)

When did we sacrifice God’s Spirit on the altar of our complacency and convenience?
(Page: 140)

I won’t pretend I didn’t struggle with God for a time. My flesh cried out against the vision He had shared with me.
(Page: 141)

They’re hidden from the casual observer. They are buried in the essence of His intimacy and the gentle touch of His Spirit.
(Page: 142)

God wants to be intimate with us. We must break free of the religious chains that hold us back from experiencing the fullness of our inheritance in Christ.
(Page: 145)

The Gospel of Jesus is an invitation to more than everlasting life; it is an invitation to intimacy with God through His Spirit here and now!
(Page: 146)

The pain, the sorrow, the frustration, and the fury of my struggle were swallowed up in the glory of His presence. Each intimate moment with God’s Spirit is a taste of heaven and the eternal glory that lies beyond.
(Page: 150)