Here’s Your Sign

Here's Your Sign

Here’s Your Sign

Sometimes God shows Himself in the smallest details…

In their late forties, Kristen’s parents (Paul Huffman and Julie Huffman) had not thought much about buying cemetery plots. So when it came time to plan Kristen’s funeral, it was one more of what seemed like thousands of decisions in order to lay her to rest.

They knew she would like to be near her grandparents when they pass on so when they met the cemetery worker they asked if there were any plots near theirs. He looked at his paperwork and said they were all already allocated. Paul and Julie quickly chose plots near a rose bush and bench that were down the hill from theirs.

When they arrived at the town offices to pay for the plots, Paul and Julie were told the ones they had chosen weren’t available, but someone had called into the office offering to resale some burial plots back to the cemetery. You may have guessed it… they were right next to Julie’s parents/Kristen’s grandparents.

To quote a well-known comedian, “Here’s your sign.” God was showing Paul and Julie how intimately involved He is in every aspect of our lives. He promised He would never leave us or forsake us – if we place our trust in Him. He loves us more than we could ever imagine… even more than we love our children – the children He has given us to watch over while we are here on earth.