BSB Book Excerpts – Ch. 1-4

Because She Believed - Cover_5_sm

(Paperback – 1st ed.)

I knew this was the moment that God had been preparing me for over the last two months. I prayed the following as I dressed to answer the door, “Please God, if it is your will, remove this cup from me. But if not, then Your will be done.”
(Page: 1)

The accusations continued to pour forth from the Enemy and from my own flesh: “What is wrong with you? Don’t you feel anything? Don’t you love her? How can you let her go so easily?”
(Page: 5)

The quiet resolve of my trust in Him calmed my spirit as I walked back toward the E.R.
(Page: 14)

The work of the Spirit is not that which relies on our circumstances but that which transforms our circumstances.
(Page: 19)

Now God could have sent a doctor from anywhere to help with Kristen, but He sent a doctor who had just visited our hometown—7000 miles away. That is the intimacy of our Father.
(Page: 25)

As we sat there in the hospital waiting room, we knew God was still working all things together for her good… regardless of the outcome of the surgeon’s efforts.
(Page: 25)

After a long night of quiet and waiting, it was refreshing to see everyone pouring out love and affection to one another. Even in our most difficult moments, God’s love shines brightly through the darkness and lifts us above our circumstances.
(Page: 37)

My peace and joy are not dependent on how God answers my prayers. My peace and my joy come from the intimacy of my relationship with Him.
(Page: 38)

As we drew closer to home, each of us was quietly absorbed in our own thoughts. My mind wandered back to my time of struggle with God. How could I share such a time of intimacy and trial with Julie, much less with anyone else?
(Page: 40)

I know it will be difficult for many to understand or even believe that God answered my prayer by taking me through two months of struggle that ended with the loss of my child.
(Page: 44)

Let Him speak to you as He has to countless others who have called Him Lord. Don’t be afraid to receive His revelation in a vision. Don’t be afraid to dream dreams!
(Page: 45)

That is not to say that I always received His revelation regarding Kristen gracefully. At times, I struck out at God. I reacted from the frustration of a father.
(Page: 46)

As the reality of my pending loss sank in, I asked God to remove this cup from me, and He answered, “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.”
(Page: 47)

Sin is so terrible and His love so great that the two clashed on the cross.
(Page: 50)