Sinner and a Saint

Sinner and Saint

Sinner and a Saint

In case you haven’t been following the page long, God has been on the move (in many mighty ways) since Kristen’s accident. In the days after the accident, God gave several writings to Paul Huffman, Kristen Huffman’s dad. Here is one of them.

Reflections of a daughter’s heart…

I am a sinner and a saint.
I am not perfect. I make mistakes.

I don’t always succeed, but I give it my all.
Sometimes I rise up but other times I fall.
My Spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.

I am a sinner and a saint.

Through the weakness of the flesh, I was born a sinner.
Through faith in Jesus, I became a saint.

This is not the end of my story, I have much more to tell.
But I am resting for the moment, that last day was hell.

I am resting in my Jesus and in his loving care.
He gave me my story and he asked me to share.

If one heart is drawn to him, through my life or my death,
then every struggle was worth it, and in peace I will rest.


I love you all… Fly High!

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