Through Her Father’s Eyes

Through Her Father's Eyes

Through Her Father’s Eyes

by Paul Huffman

She loved without measure,
and gave without care,
Of what was left over,
for her own burdens to bear.

We struggled through our issues,
through some trials and some pain,
But we soared on wings like eagles
and we danced in the rain.

She took my heart from me,
and gave hers in return.
Our trials bring such sweet sorrow,
but through them, we learn.

God told me of her story,
from the beginning to the end.
He said he would be with her,
her everlasting friend.

We fought over the ending,
his cup was much too hard.
I begged he find another way,
that wouldn’t leave me scarred.

He said it will be costly,
as sin has always been.
My Son gave his all,
and my servant is not above Him.

There is no greater love,
than to give your life for a friend.
And Kristen would have said,
dad let this be my end.

You know it’s only the beginning,
of my eternity with our Lord.
He will bind up all my hurts,
and loose this earthly cord.

In Christ, nothing is wasted,
no pain without relief,
No sorrow without joy,
no heartache without peace.