God Is On The Move

God is on the Move

God is on the Move

When Paul woke on the morning of Kristen Huffman’s celebration service… God told him her story was not over! If you know Paul, you know he’s not a writer 🙂 so for these writings to be “written by him,” we know God is on the move! We are His hands and feet!

“Through ‘Our’ Father’s Eyes…”
by Paul Huffman

Persecution is coming,
my church must wake up,
I need Kristen to help me,
so I gave you this cup.

Death is defeated,
it lost all its power,
I’ve loved her and held her,
from her very first hour.

I know it is hard,
it was for me too,
But to fulfill my plans,
this is what we must do.

Don’t resist me too hard,
you will need all your might,
to honor her gift
and join in the fight.

You said you’d give everything,
you had to my care,
Please release her to me,
so in my work, she can share.

I need that spark, I planted,
deep down in her soul,
To help me light the fire,
so my church can grow.

As I look down in sorrow,
with tears from above.
It has become cold,
and left its first love.

I asked for your daughter,
and you gave a hard fight,
But you yielded her spirit,
to help me shine light.

I am always with you,
I will never leave,
To love and to hold you,
to your heart, I will cleave.