I am with Jesus and all is well!

All is Well

Death has no power over me. I have not ceased to exist. I have just moved into my new home with Jesus. I am still alive. I am actually more alive now than I have ever been. I am still me. My spirit lives on even though my body has been laid to rest. When you speak of me, speak of the joy we shared and still do share. Don’t let sorrow distort your thoughts of me. We continue just as we always have. When you hold tight to Jesus, your are holding tight to me. He has promised that we are all one in Him. Call out my name without sorrow or bitterness. Talk to me in our familiar way. Let His Spirit carry our words. You may not see my face or hear my voice but you will know that I am here. Jesus is our common thread. He binds us all together. Don’t fear the loss of anything we held dear. He is our Rock, our Savior and in Him we are always near. -K Huffman