More Than Skin Deep

Kristen's Ink

Kristen’s Ink – It’s More Than Skin Deep

Her tattoo is a testimony to her faith and culture in one glance.

As an adopted child, Kristen struggled, at times, to reconcile her two identities. She had reunited with her birth mother and sisters and was blessed to know that she was loved by both her families. As part of her journey to her unique identity, Kristen had been considering a tattoo for several years. Tattoos are culturally relevant in many Pacific island cultures and she saw it as a way to help her connect to her heritage.

In her junior year of high school, she decided to make this the topic of her senior project. She also began to speak with her dad in earnest of her desire to get one that combined her faith and culture. Kristen researched local artists and chose one she thought had the skills/style to best convey her message. Kristen shadowed the artist for her senior project and was so excited when the day came for her tattoo. Her smile lit up the room when she came home and shared it with her mom.

She had chosen a cross with hibiscus flowers wrapped around it. It was a small way to share His story in her life – because she believed and wanted others to as well.