What’s Your Static?

What's Your Static?

Do you hear me now?

Your static may be
A thought in your head
Your static may be
A word that was said

Static can be anything
That stands in your way
If it distracts your mind
And leads you astray

We all have our strongholds
That weigh on our heart
If you think you don’t have one
Then pride may be a part

Don’t focus on the problem
Our cures are often wrong
Set your eyes on Jesus
In Him, you will be strong

He came to set us free
We are no longer sin’s slave
Death lost all its sting
When He rose up from the grave

We should no longer fear
The thoughts of other men
The fear should only come
When we turn away from Him

Be still and listen
Tune your heart to His voice
Draw ever closer to Him
Let His love be your choice