Kristen’s Story – Poem

Kristen's Story

Kristen’s Story – A story of Faith and Hope in Jesus

“Kristen’s Story…”

My heart was so tender,
I tried to shield it well,
under the hard exterior,
of this outer shell.

The smile that many loved,
was sincere yet full of pain,
but through the love of Jesus,
the victory I gained.

My friendships were so dear,
even though I didn’t always show,
Through the memories we shared,
we helped each other grow.

I tried to hide my heart,
down deep within my soul,
I was afraid to let it out,
afraid where it might go.

I struggled through deep water,
the trials of this world,
I could never quite overcome them,
as the storm around me swirled.

My hope is hidden in Jesus,
he takes away all the pain,
When I abide in his loving kindness,
it’s like dancing in the rain.

Don’t mourn the loss of my passing,
don’t waste the time we shared,
I gave my all to you,
I pray you know I cared.

I can’t be there to walk with you,
but my love will never cease,
Please seek my rock, my Jesus,
he is our one true peace.

I pray you all will know him,
he answered all my prayers,
Please grasp onto and hold him,
so I will see you again upstairs.

Thank you for the memories,
that together we all can share,
Don’t miss even one opportunity,
to show someone you care.

We’re not promised tomorrow,
so cherish it all today,
I had to leave before you,
may my life help light your way.

-by Paul Huffman, Kristen’s Father